Anna Bonaiuto
Tre camere a Manhattan

di George Simenon

introduzione di
Andrea Grignolio
traduzione di Laura Frausin Guarino per ed Adelphi
riduzione di Giovanni Piccioni

a cura di Anna Antonelli e Fabiana Carobolante
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Elenco dei brani musicali

01_a_Billie Holiday - Lover man (where can you be).mp3

01_b_Billie Holiday - The Very Thought Of You.mp3

01_c_Tenderly By Ben Webster.mp3

02_a_Ben Webster + J. Zawinul _ Like Someone In Love.mp3

02_b_Charlie Parker - Don't Blame Me (D. Fields - J. McHugh).mp3

02_c_Django Reinhardt - Django's Blues.mp3

02_d_Velvet Scene.mp3


03_b_- Dinah Washington - Embraceable You.mp3

03_c_Milesdavies - Miles Davis - So What.mp3

03_d_Fred Astaire - Putting On The Ritz.mp3

04_a_Beautiful Friendship, A.mp3

04_b_Exactly Like You.mp3



05_a_louis armstrong j&b coll - body and soul.mp3

05_b_Glenn Miller And His Orchestra - Stardust.mp3

05_c_Lazy Bird.mp3

05_d_blue gardenia.mp3

06_a_Bill Evans - Everybody digs Bill Evans - lucky to be me.mp3

06_b_Dinah Washington - Mad About T - Late Night Jazz.mp3

06_c_Tommy Dorsey & Peggy Lee - Why don't you do right.mp3

06_d_John Coltrane - Mary's Blues.mp3

07_a_Bill Evans - Everybody digs Bill Evans - peace piece.mp3

07_b_Louis Armstrong - Solitude.mp3

07_c_Charlie Parker - my melancholy baby.mp3

08_a_Bill Evans - Everybody digs Bill Evans - what is there to say.mp3

08_b_dizzy gillespie - AudioTrack 07.mp3

08_c_louis armstrong j&b coll - when you're smiling.mp3

08_d_Ray Charles - A Fool for You.mp3

09_a_Charlie Parker - dancing in the dark.mp3

09_b_Twent Four Hours A Day.mp3

09_c_Bill Evans - Everybody digs Bill Evans - young and foolish.mp3

09_d_Dinah Washington - I salty papa blues .mp3

10_a_Billie Holiday - I'll Be seeing You.mp3

10_b_louis armstrong j&b coll - black and blue.mp3

10_c_Django Reinhardt - Nuages.mp3

10_d_Glenn Miller - Stardust.mp3

10_e_Billie Holiday & Lester Young - Back In Your Own Back Yard.mp3

11_a_dizzy gillespie - AudioTrack 12.mp3

11_b_Louis Armstrong - Azalea.mp3

11_c_Billie Holiday - Lady Sings The Blues.mp3

11_d_Sinatra & Tommy Dorsey Orchestra - Night And Day.mp3

12_a_Billie Holiday, Ella Fitzgerald, Lena Horne & Sarah Vaughan - The man I love.mp3

12_b_louis armstrong j&b coll - st.james infirmary.mp3

12_c_Jersey Bounce.mp3

12_d_Duke Ellington - Black, Brown and Beige - (aka Come Sunday).mp3

13_a_Billie Holiday - That ole devil called love-1- Pure Jazz Moods.mp3

13_b_Dinah Washington - Blue Gardenia.mp3

13_c_Benny Goodman - Benny rides again.mp3

14_a_Fred Astaire - Cheek To Cheek.mp3

14_b_Django Reinhardt - Night and Day (With Stephane Grappelli).mp3

14_c_Jazz - Billie Holiday,Ella Fitzgerald,Nina Simone - Fine and Me.mp3

14_d_Lena Horne - When I fall in love.mp3

15_a_Miles Davis - Ascenseur pour l'Echafaud - 17 Générique.mp3

15_b_Dinah Washington - Unforgettable.mp3


15_d_Louis Armstrong - 16_I_Got_It_Bad_And_That_Ain_t_Good.mp3

16_a_Ray Charles - Georgia on My Mind.mp3

16_b_Louis Armstrong & Billie Holiday - You Can't Lose a Broken Heart.mp3

16_c_Charlie Parker - just friends.mp3

16_d_What A Little Moonlight Can Do.mp3


17_a_Dinah Washington - What a difference a day makes.mp3

17_b_Billie Holiday - I Only Have Eyes For You.mp3

17_c_John Coltrane & Johnny Hartman - My One And Only Love.mp3

17_d_Bill Evans - Everybody digs Bill Evans - tenderly.mp3

18_a_Billie holiday - you better go now.mp3

18_b_Chet Baker & Paul Bley - 06. Diane.mp3

18_c_Benny Goodman - Stompin` at the savoy.mp3

18_d_Irving Berlin - Putting on the Ritz (vocals by Ella Fitzgerald).mp3

19_a_Dizziy Gillespie - Good Dues Blues.Mp3

19_b_Billie Holiday - The Gold Collection - CD2 - 17 Don't Explain.mp3

19_c_Django Reinhardt - Tears.mp3

19_d_John Coltrane - I'll Wait And Pray.mp3

19_e_Miles Davis - There Is No Greater Love.mp3

20_a_Miles Davis - Ascenseur pour l'Echafaud - Assassinat (Take 3) L'assassinat de Carala.mp3

20_b_Miles Davis - Ascenseur pour l'Echafaud - Final (Take 2).mp3

20_c_Miles Davis - Ascenseur pour l'Echafaud - Au Bar du Petit Bac.mp3

20_d_Miles Davis - Ascenseur pour l'Echafaud - Le Petit Bal (Take 1).mp3

21_a_Miles Davis - Ascenseur pour l'Echafaud - 09 Final (Take 1).mp3

21_b_Miles Davis - Ascenseur pour l'Echafaud - 14 Le Petit Bal (Take 2) Au bar du Petit Bac.mp3

21_c_Miles Davis - Ascenseur pour l'Echafaud - 21 Florence Sur les Champs-Élysées.mp3

21_d_Miles Davis - Ascenseur pour l'Echafaud - 26 Chez le Photographe du Motel.mp3